What Does a Health Care Manager Do?

Health Care ManagementContributed by April Schmidt, Health Care Management Program Chair, Globe University – Appleton 

In January, I wrote about how Health Care Management is a growing field. I know that left you wondering, What does a Health Care Manager do?  I am so glad that you asked!

Health Care Management is very broad with thousands of job titles that someone with a degree in Health Care Management may have.  While I am not able make an exhaustive list of each of those titles, this is an overview of what a Health Care Manager may be responsible for:

1)      Overseeing business operations (which includes financial statements, personnel, facilities, and information technology) of the department or clinic

2)      Ensuring that patients who receive services are getting high quality care

3)      Working with providers as a partner to ensure they have what they need to be providing high quality care

4)      Monitoring for adherence to state and federal rules and regulations

5)      Managing the clinic/department so that it is operating ethically

6)      Being knowledgeable about quality management tools and practices

(Adapted from http://degreedirectory.org/articles/What_Does_a_Health_Care_Manager_Do.html)

If define yourself as someone who:Health Care Management

  • Thrives in challenging situations,
  • Has critical thinking and problem solving skills,
  • Wants to make a difference in healthcare,
  • Enjoys coaching, mentoring and leading others,
  • Maintains high ethical standards
  • Does well in a fast paced, continually changing environment

Then a degree in Health Care Management may be right for you. Contact Globe University to find out more about the bachelors degree in Health Care Management program and how you can enroll today to start your career in this dynamic and growing field.

April Schmidt has over 10 years combined experience in direct practice and administration,in a variety of healthcare settings including: hospice/palliative care/homecare, insurance and Skilled nursing facility.