The ‘Wise Old Man” is enjoyable to visit, based not on his intellect but his ‘wisdom’ of living life, observing, and sharing his thoughts of history and what we can learn from the lessons of history.  A few of his recent comments:

A French writer once wrote  (not an exact quote) ‘The success of America is not due to competition but to cooperation.  We now have political strategy to not cooperate – to work against democratic or republican party ideology – so the other party doesn’t look good.  The behavior is encouraged even if it is not in the best interest of the people (or America).

We pay the lowest personal taxes of any developed nation.  Warren Buffet, one of the top BILLIONAIRES, states he pays less taxes than his secretary, and he should pay more.  Tax breaks for the wealthy are not extended down to the middle class.

GREED is permeating society.  It appears the more money one earns, the more one wants and if the rules have to bend a bit for ones success, so be it.  The growth of  America can be traced to the middle class. Unfortunately, we are shrinking the middle class. 

It is interesting to me the number of ‘blue collar’ workers and the number of ‘union’ workers who have earned a high standard of living level over the last 40 years, due in part to their parents and brothers and sisters-have forgotten their roots. They take  the position that if  ‘those people” want to enjoy a higher standard of living, they should work hard, like I did….They need to remember their roots, how they were helped and that “those people’ need a friendly hand to help them.  Our economy is moving into the ‘knowledge  economy.”    The blue collar and union workers who were born into a strong, thriving economy but have been negatively affected by the down turn, will not be able to recover without understanding the global impact of a knowledge economy.  Let’s hope they learn and make education for their children the top three priorities:  1) education, 2) education, and 3) education

People should read the Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire.  We make recognize the behavior of our elected national leaders, our continual need for improved highways systems, and sports stadiums (gladiator arenas?) is similar today as it was during the fall of the Roman Empire.  Perhaps we are in the midst of a 30 or 40 year decline.  That should scare people and want them to work together for the good of the county.

Perhaps we can visit again with the “Wise Old Man” in a few months, and we will learn, if we listen.