5 Hot IT Careers

Information TechnologyIn the modern professional realm, an information technology degree can be the ticket to a fast-paced and dynamic career. As organizations nationwide develop and expand their IT departments, the need for tech-savvy individuals who can design, implement and maintain systems continues to grow. Katherine Spencer Lee, executive director of the technology division at recruiting firm Robert Half International has experienced this demand first-hand: “many companies are raising base compensation and offering perks.” Not only can you look forward to a challenging career with an Information Technology degree from Globe University, many areas of specialty are open to professionals. We’ve outlined several of the most in-demand positions you could find yourself qualified for:

1. Computer Support Specialists

Many professionals entering the IT field can be hired directly into an entry-level position as a Computer Support specialist, commonly referred to as help desk at many organizations. Duties vary, but many are responsible for providing day-to-day support on hardware and software applications to employees throughout the organization, the IT team or customers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistic (BLS) reports that the average salary is slightly more than $46,000 annually. 

2. Database Administrators

Most organizations seeking a Database Administrator require a Bachelor’s Degree, and many of the most qualified applicants have received their Information Technology Degree. Professionals working in this field manage data storage, quality and reporting. The area requires  high attention to detail and a working knowledge of security and encryption. Median pay is upwards of $77,000.

3. Software Developers

As adoption and consumer utilization of mobile technology continues to explode, software developers are increasingly in-demand. The position is unique among many in the information technology field, due to the focus on creativity and design. Developers may design platforms for computer programs, mobile apps or even games. Due to the fact that individuals with competitive development skills are in particularly high demand, the median salary is higher than for many others that require an information technology degree, typically around $90,000 annually. 

4. System Administrators

Network or system administrators monitor an organization’s IT systems to ensure they continue working in optimal condition on a day-to-day basis. Areas of responsibility typically include making sure the intranet and other data communication systems remain intact and business can continue without interruption. The BLS reports the average wage is approximately $69,000.

5. Information Security Specialists

The threat of attack and security breaches is real to many major corporations, which is why many are looking to bring someone with a degree in Information Technology and a specialty in security onto their team in the coming months. Many will design and maintain systems that ensure a high level of data security both externally and internally. Median income for information security specialists and computer network architects is reported as approximately $75,000. 

An IT degree from Globe University can open up a dynamic career field!  Opportunities are out there for those willing to work hard and advance!