5 Random Computer Tricks

There are always new and crazy things that can be found using the World Wide Web. Here are 5 cool/useful/not useful things that fellow IT people will be able to appreciate. Hopefully you can find a use for one of these and if you have already heard of it I am sorry but it is new to me.  Enjoy!

  1. http://lmgtfy.com/ – Ever get asked questions that can be easily be found by a simple Google search when you know a computer with internet access is readily available? Send them a link of you googling it for them! After it demonstrates the act it leaves them with the famous Nick Burns tagline “Was that so Hard?” – be careful not to be a wise crack with this one.

  2. Change the “about” urls in Internet Explorer – On a windows machine go to your registry editor and open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >> Software >> Microsoft >> Internet Explorer >> AboutURLs. Here you can create and edit the about URLs for IE. I created a new one by right clicking on a blank portion of the right window and creating a new string value for “about:me” to direct to my homepage. Now I go to IE and type “about:me” it it will redirect – could be handy.

  3. Googlegooglegooglegoogle.com.br – this link will separate your browser into four different screens. I have actually found some use for this one and sometimes can be more efficient than tabs. You used to have to not use the br in the domain (which is for Brazil) but it has been removed from the U.S domain for some reason. Repeat this url in each of the four windows and you will have yourself loads of fun.

  4. Yahoo.com – I don’t know why this one amazed me so much, but if you click on the exclamation point at the end of Yahoo in the header, you can hear their yodeling jingle. I actually found this one at a CNET article of “10 awesome Internet Easter eggs” which is worth a read as well.

  5. Watch ACSII Star Wars – This one will have no relevance to anything you will be doing at any moment in any way, but hey I am a Star Wars fan and I thought this was cool when someone at work showed this to me. On Windows go to the command line and type “telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl” without quotes. On a mac you can use the same command via terminal to watch the show. All I can say is that I have respect for the creator who apparently has way to much time on his hands.