Be Prepared for the Changing Field of Information Technology

A blog by Jim Yulga, Information Technology Program Chair, Globe University-Wausau

 The next rendition of Microsoft Windows, version 8, was set to be officially released October 26, 2012. As with all new versions of Windows, this one will include many behind the scene improvements such as support for tablets, malware filtering, built-in antivirus software, support for USB 3.0, and other features. It also includes a new user interface. Gone is the Start button and in place is a Start Screen, which looks similar to many smart phones. This is a major departure from existing versions of Windows. New PCs from HP and Dell are shipping with the release. Acceptance by the business community is uncertain, as there will be technological and training hurdles to overcome.

For professionals in the Information Technology (IT) field, change is the norm. Adaptability is key to securing a job and growing with that job. The change that Windows 8 and other software and hardware technological improvements will bring must be considered a challenge, as there are many such challenges in the field. With change comes opportunity and opportunity creates job openings. According to many employment forecasters – The New York Times, CNNMoney, and US News  – to name a few, IT jobs such as network systems and data communications analyst, software developer, database administrator, web developer, and computer systems analyst will continue to grow for years to come.

Globe University’s IT Program, whether Bachelor’s Degree or Associate Degree, teaches many of the skills needed to succeed in these jobs. Courses can be taken on-campus, online or a combination of the both, allowing for maximum flexibility. The Quarter system and program specific emphasis means that programs can be completed in less time than a traditional semester-based school. Certification training is also available.

The IT field is challenging and fast paced – there is never a dull moment! Job opportunities in the IT field will continue to grow. Why not get started now?