Catch a Wave

Demand for IT workers can be likened to ocean waves crashing to shore. When in school, you are preparing to get into the water and catch one of those waves. It is important to be agile and adaptable once in the water and be ready to catch the waves that are out there. In a March 3 article, “Hiring for IT Jobs Holds Up”, David Gardner of Information Week said that the following IT jobs are now most in demand:

1. Desktop support
2. Network administration specialists
3. Windows administration specialists

This does not mean that everyone should give up their dreams of becoming database administrators, software developers or security specialists. What it does mean is that as you prepare to enter the job market in 2009, if you want to get the best salary or have the best chance of being hired, you may want to review your knowledge in the areas cited above and consider acquiring a relevant certification such as:

1. A+ Professional
2. Network+ or Microsoft Certified IT Professional
3. Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician

Get that entry level job that is available and pays well. Things will change and you will be able to catch a new wave and move into your dream-IT job one day.

Those of you who will be entering the job market in 2010 or thereafter, realize that things will likely change again. It is still right to study a broad range of skills and technologies and make some final adjustments in your last couple of quarters to meet the demands that are hot.
Thanks to Terry Glidden, Rochester IT instructor, for alerting me to the Gardner article.

You can read the entire article by Gardner here: Information Week