Cloud Computing and other Industry Trends in IT

Today, I received an enquiry from an instructor and student regarding cloud computing. The question was, “Our students are eager to experience cloud computing. When are we going to think about cloud computing?” This is an excellent question, and one that many of you may have, so I thought I would address it in the public forum of this blog.


We have a philosophy and process of constantly reviewing and changing the IT program to adapt to new industry trends. We are aware of the current trend of centralization of services and cloud computing and our current curriculum incorporates training to prepare students to learn these technologies. Five current courses are on server technologies:


IT255 Operating Systems II

NT272 Networking and Security

IT333 Network Application Services

DB321 Database Administration

WD350 Web Servers


IT moves very quickly, and new trends emerge faster than we can write and get new courses approved. However there is an existing mechanism in the IT curriculum to adapt even more quickly. Specific content of some courses can be adapted. For example, the IT capstone course, IT415, is an excellent course in which instructors and students can collaborate to ensure that the most recent trends are addressed. In this course, students work in teams to develop a solution. I believe that this would be an appropriate course for student teams to develop and implement their own cloud computing solutions.


Additional courses or changes to the existing courses may occur in the future, but regulations that bind us prevent us from disclosing details of our plans to students or the public until our plans are approved by our governing bodies.


Students and instructors are highly encouraged to always describe their needs and give their opinions on how they think we could improve the IT curriculum, since we use such statements as evidence when we seek to make changes.


Kindest regards,

Mark Renslow

Network Dean of IT