E-cycle Your Unwanted Electronics Here

On June 7, 2013, Globe University-Wausau hosted the first E-cycle (electronics recycling) event on the campus. Opportunity Development Center, Inc. (ODC) collected the items for further processing. 1,801 lbs of electronics were collected from Wausau residents and campus staff and students. Campus student ambassadors and staff assisted ODC employees in unloading items from vehicles and placing the items in collection boxes.

Chuck Summers, Marshfield ODC sales and operations manager, was onsite to oversee the operation. ODC will return on August 6, 2013 for another collection when the campus takes part in Emergency Services Day/National Night Out with many on-campus events.

ODC is located in Wisconsin Rapids and Marshfield. They employ individuals with disabilities and provide many services to the central Wisconsin area. ODC services include electronics recycling, assembly and packaging, bindery, mailing and fulfillment, Hidden Creek Kitchens (catering), inspection and rework, wood fabrication and components, vinyl products, and recycled textile products.

ODC is a Wisconsin-registered E-cycle collector and recycler and its recycling program achieves maximum value from items collected. If a device or component has a serviceable life, it is tested and resold by a partnering computer recycler. Obsolete electronics collected are dismantled into various categories, such as plastics, various metals and circuit boards. Various industries will buy the sorted items for further processing and remanufacturing. Circuit boards are ground by another company and processed by a third to precipitate gold and other metals.

Many items are accepted free of charge, while others have a nominal fee. ODC will also destroy hard drive data and provide certification of the destruction. Although many consider that only computers and monitors can be recycled, almost any item with a circuit board will be collected by ODC for recycling. These items include TVs, VCRs, CD/DVD devices, scanners, battery packs, cell phones, remote controls, stereos, mice, keyboards, and digital cameras.

According to Summers, a Geiger counter was collected at a previous recycling event. The only items that ODC does not collect are those with refrigerant and large appliances. Profits generated from the services provided by ODC help pay the salaries of the employees.

This E-cycle event offered Wausau area residents a great opportunity to properly dispose of unwanted electronics. Not only is proper disposal of electronics the law, it also keeps reusable and harmful materials out of landfills and creates jobs for local residents. The Globe University-Wausau campus looks forward to ODC’s return on August 6, 2013 for another collection during the Emergency Services Day/National Night Out event.