EC Campus Starts an IT Club

I got an email earlier today informing me that Globe University-Eau Claire campus is starting their own Information Technology club.  I am sort of jealous because I am no longer in Eau Claire and I want in!  Its OK though, and very cool they are putting the club together.  It will be held in room 101 on Tuesday, January 19th at 5:00 PM.  The formal purpose of the club is to promote the advancement of the IT program, and to serve as a place to interchange knowledge among persons with interest in the IT field and personal computers.  It also sounds like jobs will be delegated and a regular meeting schedule will be set on during the first meeting.  I am assuming most of the other campuses already have IT clubs, but if they don’t, talk to your administrator about getting one going at your campus.  Having a duty or just being a part of a club like this can look good on your resume, and also help improve the IT program.