Finding Your Focus

FAQ: Should I focus on networking or web application development in my IT education?

Fundamentals of both networking and programming are difficult for many students and strong academic work in both (or either) of these areas can form the basis of a career leading to very good paying jobs.

IT is the integrative computing discipline. The most successful will be those who can combine two or more of these in their work: networking, programming, web, operating systems, database, security, and professional service.

For AAS-IT students, there is less time to complete coursework. Entry-level network service administration skills and tasks can be learned in less time than web application development or programming skills. Therefore, network service administration may be a better fit for many AAS-IT graduates.

Note that the analysis above does not consider the job market as much as the education level common for particular jobs. The future of the job market is not known with certainty. That said, I do have a prediction about the IT job market. My prediction is that the most opportunities will be in network services administration and web application development. I direct the reader to my blog entry, “Catch a Wave” and the US BLS (bureau of labor statistics) for factual and predictive reports on jobs in the US.

The BLS:

I hope that this helps students and educational advisors alike, but in no way am I trying to make an uncertain decision certain.