Globe University IT Chair says Rigged Wis. Lottery Crime Took Another Level of Expertise

Investigators released new evidence in April 2016, that they say shows how a former lottery security official was able to rig drawings across five states, using a random number generator to help produce the winning tickets.

020614_IT_Server Room_CU_05Charges have been filed against brothers for allegedly manipulating drawing computers and after investigators made links to tainted jackpots in Colorado and Oklahoma, according to Green Bay Press-Gazette.

A criminal complaint filed details the findings of a forensic examination on a random number generator that produced the winning numbers in a suspect 2007 Megabucks jackpot in Wisconsin.

Globe University – Eau Claire’s information technology chair, Carlos Garcia, says this crime took another level of expertise, and all signs point to it being an inside job.

“Lottery sites are well guarded by state-of-the-art firewalls,” he said.

“Talking about manipulating the drawings, of course, it is possible, and they can create an algorithm that simulates a random selection, and they can know the answer in advance. The article states: ‘examiners found out-of-place programs known as dynamic link libraries, or DLLs, that had been written onto the Wisconsin computer,’ and we do not have more information about these files. However, these files are usually system files for the operating system and the applications,” Garcia said.

“I think this is a plausible scenario to fool the lottery,” Garcia added. 020614_IT_Keyboard_CU_03

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