Google Maps – What You Can’t See

You just never know what you might see when you go to Google Maps to look up an address, or to get directions.  You could find anything from a normal peaceful neighborhood to an arrest being caught by Google.  There are tons of articles online displaying 20 Crimes Caught on Google Street View, Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View and Top 17 Most Bizarre Sights on Google Earth. But have you ever wondered what you wont see?

An article titled 10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps, written by  Samantha Murphy, uncovered 10 places that Google Maps wont show you in detail.

Topping the list are these few:
* Tantauco National Park, Chile – This site can only be viewed by a marker via Google Maps. It is home to many endangered animals.

* Mysterious Russian Site – A site located in Russian that’s use was  not  identified.

*Cornell University Combined Heat and Power Plant, New York – A high tech eco-friendly facilities that generates electricity from natural gas.

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