Graduate’s Final Project Turns into Reality in Liberia

Alvin Kanneh at Globe University-Minneapolis Graduation.

Alvin Kanneh at Globe University-Minneapolis Graduation.

Alvin Kanneh, a graduate from Globe University’s Master of Science in Management – information technology program, (MSM-IT) is putting his final project to use by opening a business in Liberia to support individuals who are blind, called Information Experience (iX).

“Throughout Alvin’s final quarter he embraced the business project assignment by applying it to an area of the world well known to him,” said Globe University-Minneapolis’s dean of faculty, Angela Norbeck.

According to his instructor, John Jordan, Alvin had a vision to create a business that would enable tens of thousands of physically-challenged persons in Liberia to regain their independence in many areas including but not limited to, professional skills, education, and employment.

“Now, Alvin himself is also visually impaired so his work in class was a challenge for both of us,” said John. “However, we were able to figure out the proper communication procedures so that Alvin could excel.” Alvin says his instructors were great at adapting to his needs, whether it meant giving a more visual description of the material being covered or utilizing apps that assisted in his learning.

With a little assistance and a lot of determination and drive, Alvin was able to excel. After graduation he traveled to Liberia to start his business. With help from his family, he is on track to seeing his dream become a reality.

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