Graduation: More Than a Diploma, an Experience

“If you can see it, you can be it!” That was the message on criminal justice graduate Bambi Dolphin’s cap when Globe University-Madison East and West celebrated their Summer 2014 graduating class at the Sheraton Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin.

Graduate speakers Julia Rodenberg, who graduated with her associate degree in veterinary technology, and Bruce Hennings, who earned his associate degree in information technology, both gave inspiring speeches.

“We will be taking so much more than a diploma away from this experience,” said Julia. “We have learned that we can sacrifice the little things to help us achieve the bigger things we want in life. We have learned that test scores are not the only show of our strengths, competencies and knowledge. We have built friendships and bonds with other people that will continue to grow after leaving here, and we have the satisfaction of leaving here having accomplished our goal, a goal that will open so many doors for us in the future. All of these are things that no one can take away from us.”

“Some of the students I have met or chatted with online are single parents who are working full-time jobs, taking care of their child or children and, because that is not enough, they are taking college classes on top of all this,” said Bruce. “You know they are taking these classes to not only better themselves but to be able to provide for their family. When I am feeling overwhelmed with school, work and family, I think of these students that may not have the support systems I have and seeing them making sacrifices like this is very humbling to me.”


Congratulations to our Summer 2014 graduates.

  •   Katrina J. Chandler*-AAS: Business Administration
  •   Jessica Dressel-AAS: Business Administration
  •   Ben Kendall*-AAS: Business Administration
  •   Theresa A. Groves*-BS: Business Administration
  •   Don Young-BS: Business Management
  •   Scott Robert Miller*-BS: Business Management
  •   Natalie J. O’Connell**- MBA: Business Administration
  •   Bambi Dolphin**- AAS: Criminal Justice
  •   Renee Scovill*-AAS: Criminal Justice
  •   Tabatha L. Keele-AAS: Criminal Justice
  •   Hollie Nihles*-AAS: Criminal Justice
  •   Melissa A. Markgraf-BS: Criminal Justice
  •   Pete Drury-AAS: Health Fitness Specialist
  •   Larees C. Jones-AAS: Information Technology
  •   Erik Salic-AAS: Information Technology
  •   Bruce Hennings*-AAS: Information Technology
  •   Timothy Nelson-BS: Information Technology
  •   Nathan Wegner-BS: Information Technology
  •   Jeffery B. Woroch*-BS: Information Technology
  •   Graciela Conejo-Diploma: Massage Therapy
  •   Caroline T. Allen*-AAS: Massage Therapy
  •   Emily Terbilcox-AAS: Massage Therapy
  •   Kira Armstrong-Diploma: Medical Administrative Assistant
  •   Brianna J. Carpenter-AAS: Medical Administrative Assistant
  •   Christina L. Deyoe-AAS: Medical Administrative  Assistant
  •   Stacy Conant-AAS: Medical Administrative Assistant
  •   Deborah La Plante**-AAS: Medical Administrative Assistant
  •   Evon R. Ball-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •   Monica Chairez-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •   Ericca T. Maiden-AAS: Medical Assistant
  •   Deanne Marie Shrier-AAS: Paralegal
  •   Destiny N. Clements-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Casey A. Goodsell-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Sheila Holt-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Sierra R. Knobles-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Alyssa K. Misialek*-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Marie I. O’Dell-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Kate C. Olson-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Julia Rodenberg-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Elizabeth M. Hartung-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Steffany Andrea Olacirgui*-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Rebecca Smith-AAS: Veterinary Technology
  •   Danielle Zander*-AAS: Veterinary Technology

*indicates honors, **indicates high honors