Is Information Technology the Right Fit for Me?

Globe University-Woodbury Information Technology (IT) Program Chair, Tunji Akanbi, has been teaching IT with Globe for the past eight years. Prior to teaching, he worked as a web developer and is fluent in the following web development languages HTML 5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP & SQL.

Tunji in the classroom.

Tunji in the classroom.

“I have always been fascinated by computers and how raw data can be formatted into meaningful information, which could, in turn, provide an organization with valuable business intelligence that leads to informed decision making and ultimately competitive advantage,” Tunji said.

Tunji said information technology is a ubiquitous and constantly evolving field, and as such provides a vibrant challenge in academia and business as we progress further into the information age.

An information technology professional should be a technical-minded individual with a natural aptitude for problem solving. IT professionals typically work within teams to provide support to organizations, they must be able to effectively communicate technical information to users and management.

“The reason I choose to get into the IT field is because technology is always changing and I feel like I will never get bored,” said Alicia Schmidt, a Globe University – Woodbury IT graduate, who now works at the Help Desk at US Bank. “There is always the next big thing coming out, so there will always be something new to learn about within the IT industry.”

Tunji also mentions that the demand for IT professionals continues to grow as organizations continue to expand and manage their IT infrastructure in order to better serve their users or customers, improve performance, increase revenue and meet the challenges of a competitive global market. Our increased reliance on mobile devices, easier access to larger volumes of data, improvements in network bandwidths, faster and more powerful computer systems and a gradual shift towards cloud infrastructure are just a few of the factors influencing the continued growth of the industry.