It Pays to Get an ‘A’

information technology degree, cloud computing

Jesse Score’s research paper on Cloud Computing for Businesses earned him a $100 gift card

Ever completed a research project for class and think you should have gotten paid for it because of the amount of thought and hard work you put into it? Well, now you can! Take Globe University’s information technology degree student Jesse Score for example.

Jesse submitted his research paper on cloud computing for businesses and was selected as this quarter’s Research Award Winner. As a part of his award, Globe University Online awarded Jesse an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet.

Jesse describes his research process here:

“My research process begins the same way every time. I seek a wide variety and large volume of information from academic and professional resources including the extensive library resources offered by Globe University. I want to absorb as much information to familiarize myself as necessary with the topic from a variety of perspectives. As the information is compiled, I review what I have found and reflect on it to see if a natural conclusion or observation is beginning to emerge. I always want to test my thesis by seeking any contradictory evidence. This helps me shore up my argument and redraft my thesis. Once I’ve drafted my thesis, I should have a fair idea of what arguments or supporting evidence I need to make it an effective paper. The rough outline begins to form. I adjust and reorganize my thoughts until I feel as my intentions as a writer are properly conveyed and can stand alone. At this point, my work is subjected to any and all peer reviews. I am always open to receiving feedback on my work to improve my writing and to better understand how the audience consumes my writing.”

We are also currently accepting submissions for the Winter 2013 quarter. If you’d like to submit one of your ‘A’ papers, click here for rules and submission guidelines. Good luck!