LinkedIn Tips for IT Professionals

LinkedIn, ITAs you enter the job market in search of IT jobs, you may find yourself a little dazzled by all of the options out there. How can you position yourself to be found by recruiters offering information technology jobs? One tool that should be in your tool belt as you start the search is LinkedIn. Here are some tips to help you make your LinkedIn profile a good tool as you search for IT jobs.

Make Your Profile Easy to Find

Your profile on LinkedIn serves almost like an online resume. Take the time to develop it well. Start with your profile photo and headline, then add a summary of about 40 or so words, and fill in any experience or education you have. Be sure to use key IT search terms so you will be found by people looking for what you have. Some of the top skills to list in the IT field according to LinkedIn include:

  • SEO
  • Cloud and distributed computing
  • Storage systems and management
  • Network and information security
  • Middleware and integration software
  • User interface design
  • Statistical analysis and data mining
  • Virtualization
  • Mac, Linux and Unix systems
  • Shell scripting languages

These key search terms on your profile can get you seen by recruiters, so add them if you have them. Remember, everything you add to your profile makes you a little easier to find.

Join Groups to Build Your Reputation

LinkedIn groups offer a number of options to IT professionals. Not only can they be a wealth of knowledge, but they also help you build your network and establish yourself as a professional in the field. Build your reputation as a thought leader while also meeting others who can help you with your goals. Interestingly, people who are involved in groups are five times more likely to have their profiles viewed from people outside their networks!

However, with so many groups on LinkedIn, finding the right one can be the biggest challenge. Here are some of the top LinkedIn groups in IT according to Capterra:

Joining and participating in these groups can help you find IT jobs as they come available.

Build the Right Connections

LinkedIn is different than other social networking platforms in that the main goal is not to accumulate a vast number of connections. Instead, you need quality connections with others in the IT world. Reach out with personal invitations when you find someone you wish to be connected to, and focus on accepting invitations from those who are in the field or have a related interest or background. Feel free to ignore the invites from strangers who have no apparent connections.

IT jobs are many, but finding them is challenging. Often hires are made before the job is even posted publicly. Use these tools to position yourself as a viable candidate for those who are recruiting for information technology jobs. If you are looking to start a career in IT, contact Globe University to learn more about our IT degree programs.