Linux Server Upgrades at the Data Center

This last week I have been working with another person at the company I work for in upgrading our servers operating systems and firmware.

The servers are running OpenSUSE so I have been getting exposure to some Linux based servers. The downside is that they are production servers with live websites on them so we had to work the 12am-3am shift. I really like the idea of running your servers on Linux because the cost is minimal, and they are also very secure. I have mentioned the hosting facility where our servers reside in previous posts called nFrame. While I was there this time I took some pictures to share for anyone who has never been in a facility like this. The pictures only show one room and the facility actually has 10 separate rooms filled with servers, and hold equipment for a few big name clients such as the large shoe distributor – Finish Line, who’s headquarters are located in Indianapolis. The place is on a security lockdown with biometrics, camera surveillance, and 24 hour security guards – as it should be.  I had been in a facility like this one in the past, but it is much more appreciated with solid knowledge on the equipment.


Some thing to look at is the large blue units seen to the left of the server racks, these operate the cooling as there needs to be a lot of air flow with all the heat that is generated in a data center.  You can also see where the air shoots up from the holes in the floor, and it it is a nice breeze up the pants to stand over them because it gets quite hot while working in there. The floor panels are also all removable with crawl space underneath and I didn’t get to see anyone pull one up, but I suspect you could run cables underneath as well.  Also notice that there are many cables running over top of the server racks, which distribute the main stream coming into the facility.  Thats about it, hope you enjoy the pictures.