Mobile Application Technologies: Students Plunge Into Snow Mobile 2013

On a brisk Friday afternoon, several Globe University students and staff members interested in the information technology field embarked upon a new adventure: Snow Mobile 2013! We spent two days immersed in mobile application technologies, pin ball tournaments, climbing walls, bowling and pool! Yes, geeks know how to throw a conference!

information technology field

IT student Sean Murray enters his name before a game of bowling at Snow Mobile 2013, a conference focused on mobile technologies.

The sessions were crammed full of intriguing and valuable information about the current and future developments in the mobile field.

Kevin Jones, a visually impaired individual, shared how technology (especially mobile devices) has changed his life for the better. Kevin also discussed simple fixes to make websites and applications accessible to everyone.

Clinton Kanieski, information technology program chair at the Globe University-LaCrosse campus, said, “I was completely unaware that such capabilities were configured into Apple products. This is beneficial as my father is blind!”

Ben Riser, a Globe University information technology student, said, “I learned that simply labeling buttons or images properly can make an app or a website vastly more accessible for low vision users.”

Smith Schwartz shared how she and her husband sold their home and began traveling the country. As developers, they were able to take their work with them, and have had amazing experiences as a result.

Tosha Vande Hey, Globe IT student, said, “It motivates me to get this degree so that I can also have the time and money to travel.”

We attended many more sessions, including a fascinating presentation on the new Firefox OS, responsive design, and Windows Phone 9, just to name a few!

In addition to learning a lot, we had a great opportunity to network with fellow students and instructors as well as individuals from the Madison area and beyond. Attendees reflected on the conference with positive remarks.

“This event was incredibly useful for me,” Ben Riser said. “I learned more than I ever thought I would not only about mobile app development but about web design as well. I genuinely hope that we are able to attend more conferences like this in the near future so I can become an even more valuable IT professional and expand my knowledge even further in the field.”

IT instructor Hector Laguna said, “It was a great experience to interact with people with different backgrounds and from other countries.”

Tosha Vande Hey added, “I would love for there to be more opportunities like this. I feel much more confident and feel that my goals are much more realistic after going to this. It gave me a chance to learn from others and understand the dynamics of the IT industry. I am thankful for the opportunity.”

Clinton Kanieski concluded, “The IT field is a rapidly changing field. Conferences like this give us the opportunity to see the new technology and things coming out or learn about stuff that is already out.”

Overall, this was an amazing opportunity, one that I would recommend to anyone. Conferences are an all-encompassing opportunity for networking, education, and even motivation! It’s pretty great to spend a weekend brain-melding with people who hold similar interests!

By: Dee Dee Collette, Globe University Information Technology Executive Chair