New Program Introductions: Technical Support Specialist

Tech Support Specialist

You take great pride in your ability to get your loved ones’ computers in working order. Why not turn your natural talent into a rewarding career? The first step to scoring a career in tech support involves enrolling in the technical support specialist certificate program at Globe University & Minnesota School of Business.

The immersive technical support specialist program at Globe University & Minnesota School of Business builds upon a fundamental understanding of computers and focuses on hardware, productivity software, operating systems and network security. In addition to gaining an impressive understanding of the troubleshooting process, students greatly improve their customer service skills, which are essential for success in technical support.

Topics covered in technical support specialist coursework

Our  technical support certificate program features an array of fundamental courses designed to give students the skills they need to succeed in the competitive world of IT. Tech support students can expect to gain hands-on knowledge while taking the following courses:

  • Computer Essentials
  • Information Security
  • Data and Networks
  • Professional Communications I
  • Operating Systems I

Regardless of the topic, the goal is always to let students learn by doing, while still receiving the guidance they need from industry experts.

Career paths for Technical Support Specialist program graduates

A strong technical education will prepare you for work in multipl e industries. However, our new program is first and foremost aimed at helping students gain employment in technical support positions.

Students emerge from the program with an in-depth understanding of information security and computer system configuration; this knowledge allows them to successfully identify and troubleshoot common computer system issues. In addition to working as IT specialists, our talented tech support graduates can harness their extensive knowledge and experience in order to excel in the following roles:

  • Network support specialist
  • Help desk analyst
  • Computer specialist
  • Network technician

An education in technical support is challenging in and of itself, but the addition of full-time work and family obligations can make success in tech support seem out of reach. At Globe University & Minnesota School of Business, we are well aware of the constraints our students face. We offer several convenient schedule arrangements that allow our students to achieve their ambitious learning goals without ignoring the other areas of their busy lives.

Your journey awaits

Whether you already know that you want to be a technical support specialist or are simply eager to learn more about this exciting career opportunity, you are always welcome to get in touch. Give us a call at 1-877-303-6060 or visit us today!