Placed: Information Technology Student Advances in the Job Market Boom

The Information Technology job market is booming and we have proof right here at Globe University-Madison West.

Placed Before Even Graduated

Sean Murray

Sean Murray is finishing up his degree in information technology at Globe University-Madison West

Sean Murray, Globe University-Madison West student is on track to graduate in September 2014. He will earn his Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology with an emphasis in Networking and Security.  But what makes Sean’s story a success is he is already working in the IT field.

Sean serves as a Customer Support Advocate at Zendesk, a software company that offers a leading cloud-based customer service software.  Companies big and small use this software to manage customer service and incident reports. They include: Disney, Rovio, Sears and the Denver Broncos. Based in San Francisco, Zendesk has sprouted additional offices across the world including Madison, Wisconsin.

The job is going great,” Sean shared. “We are extremely busy and are all working hard, but it is definitely an amazing company to work for. We are hiring like crazy to keep up with how rapidly we are acquiring new customers. We have picked up 20+ employees since I started and there are not many signs of slowing down at this point.”

Sean credits his military background as one reason for his success. “I’ve grown a lot because of joining the National Guard,” Sean shared. “I’ve learned leadership type of responsibility and work ethic too and it all ties into my IT career.”

He also credits his good grades. “Going out and interviewing in the job market, the one thing I did notice is that your grades do matter,” Sean stated. “I’ve been to some intense interviews where they wanted everything, including my transcripts, and they wanted three professors’ names that I actually had classes with and they called all of them. If you think skating by with a C average is going to be ok because you still get a degree, it’s more than that.”

More Proof

“The technology job market is booming!” said Dee Dee Collette, information technology program chair from Madison West. “I receive regular calls from employers looking for students and graduates to fill entry-level and upper-level positions. It doesn’t take long to advance within the technology field. As Sean have shown, sometimes just a year of experience can translate into a great new opportunity!”

Need more proof? According to the blog article The Best Jobs for 2014, and the Best Cities for Those Jobs, Madison, Wis. came in second for the surprise city best large city for software developers, applications and system software. The job market in Madison is up 17 percent since 2010 and is projected to increase 7 percent through 2014.

The job market is booming and Globe University-Madison West offers degrees in information technology. What are you waiting for?