The Road to a Network Security Emphasis at Globe/MSB

I went into registration for the Spring Quarter with mainly Information Technology electives remaining for my last quarter minus a 1 credit career development class. I saved most of my electives for the end of my program, because I believe my final classes will be the most interesting and useful for my career path. I started realizing a couple of quarters ago that I wanted to start emphasizing in network security courses, but have been having trouble getting into these courses because of unmet pre-requisites.

Thankfully I was able to finally get some of these pre-requisites taken care of so I could take the classes I needed to take to fit my desired emphasis. I recommend that if there are elective courses that you want and you don’t meet the requirements due to a prerequisite, either plan to take care of the prerequisite if you have time, or lobby to join the course anyways. I don’t see a problem with that unless the class is unreasonably out of your range, as you are paying for the classes it should be up to you. Core requirements will be much more strict as they are built into the program and much less flexible, but Globe/MSB has always been very reasonable with me when it has come to getting the electives I need.

While choosing my classes for the Spring Quarter, I was pleasantly surprised by how many courses I found to help me meet my emphasis of network security and was grateful that I was able to get into all of these great courses at Globe/MSB, and all online! If I would have figured out exactly what my emphasis was going to be sooner and I could have even taken a greater advantage on what our college offers. This is why I put together a little guide to help students who are more in the infancy of the program and are thinking about emphasizing in network security. Here are some courses that you can shoot for to maximize your specialization of Networking and Security at Globe/MSB in the Information Technology program –


NT272 – Network Administration and Security

DB311 – Database Implementation

IT305 – Systems Analysis and Design

IT315 – Information Security


DB321 – Database Server Administration

IT333 – Network Application Services

IT425 – Network Security Services

IT432 – Computer Forensics – Especially excited about this one

NT322 – Network Implementation Technologies

For a security emphasis, I think that it is a great idea to get a good base in the database as this can be the most integral part of an information system. I didn’t know anything about databases before I started here, and now I am enrolled in the fourth and final course offered here. Globe/MSB has taught me database concepts from the ground up so I can personally recommend this process. Whatever your strong areas are, it is good to figure out what your exact interest is earlier so you can start planning on your future.