3 Students, 1 Family, Many Stories

A Family Follows their Dreams Together

Jenny, Allie, and Tim Miller analyzing poetry for a group assignment in their Introduction to Literature course.

Jenny, Allie, and Tim Miller analyzing poetry for a group assignment in their Introduction to Literature course.

The three of them are referred to as “The Millers” by faculty and staff—a husband, wife, and daughter trio.  However, Tim Miller, Jenny Miller, and Allie Miller are all as different as the degrees they chose to earn while attending Globe University-La Crosse together.

Jenny and Allie began their college journey the second quarter the campus’ doors opened.  Jenny who was eager to earn a Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies, also thought college was a great opportunity for some mother-daughter bonding time and see Allie, who is currently on her Medical Assistant externship at Express Care for Gundersen Lutheran, in a different light.  Little did Jenny know she would also inspire her husband, Tim to return to college again: “Jenny encourages me and everyone she meets to go and get what you want in life,” says Tim. “Jenny was a casualty of the economy as I like to put it. She took a bad situation and made it better.”  Tim completed his Associates in Business Administration in September of 2011 and is presently working towards his Bachelor’s degree.

While attending Globe together they have not only learned about the paralegal, business, and medical assisting fields, but each other as well.  Last quarter, Jenny was the key motivator for the family to all enroll in the humanities course, Introduction to Literature, so they could take a class together before Allie graduated with her Medical Assisting degree.  “I really like the fact that we could all work together, yet Tim and I do tend to compete,” said Jenny. Tim did not disagree with his wife’s statement: Taking Introduction to Literature together “is a memory that will stay with me forever. We are very competitive when it comes to our grade, which makes the class very interesting. I would definitely take another course together with them again. It was a fun time.”

Though the three enjoyed seeing each other between classes and having that extra support as well, having your entire family attend college at once had its obstacles—time management being one of them. “One of the challenges occurs at the end of each quarter when finals close in . .  . times three. Each of us makes an announcement for the online class exams: “I’M TAKING A TEST!!!!!” (probably a good idea not to interrupt),” said Tim.

After all the test, homework, and schedule juggling, the future finish line always keep the Millers motivated.  Jenny looks forward to securing an enjoyable career in her field and volunteering at the Free Legal Clinic in La Crosse, while her husband would like to run his own business and be his own boss.  Allie, who began her journey at Globe University-La Crosse in Accounting, is now eager to help those in need of medical care. Tim recalls one of his best memories at Globe was when Allie came home from college one day and told him and Jenny that she was switching degrees.  “I am proud of my daughter because I remember what I wanted to do when I was her age, and she makes the time to put the effort into her school work,” said Tim.  Allie knew what she wanted to do, and she did it. Likewise, Jenny is also very proud of Allie’s and Tim’s achievements: “I understand that feeling of accomplishment that NO ONE can take away from you!” said Jenny.

The Millers are making their dreams come true together by earning a degree in fields they love, an experience the trio will never forget.  “You cannot put a price on a support group like family,” said Tim.