4 Interview Secrets REVEALED By Successful Grads

We all know to dress professionally, be courteous and practice our handshake for an interview, but what are the interview secrets job seekers might not know about? Successful Globe University-La Crosse graduates reveal their interviewing secrets:

interview tips1. Be Yourself (Your Best Professional Self!)

Interviews are opportunities for you to share why you’re best suited for a job; however, employers also want to know more about you. “Be yourself, the interviewers are looking to get to know your personality,” said Shea Bounds, criminal justice degree graduate. Shea is a Globe University graduate that is now working as a police officer with the City of Westby, City of Banger, and University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.

You’ll want to show the employer your best professional self. “The best way to be yourself at an interview is to practice,” explained Lisa Paulson, Globe University graduate. “If you practice interview questions and have examples ready for your answers, you will be much more comfortable at the interview.” After graduating with a degree in business management, Lisa was hired as the Globe-La Crosse career services coordinator.

2. Relax (But Don’t Snore in an Interview!)

“Try to relax before an interview and try your best to appear comfortable and confident, even if you’re not,” shared Bounds. It might sound difficult, but being relaxed is very important in an interview. How can you quickly relax? “Take deep breaths, give yourself a pep talk, make sure you’re prepared, and research the company in advance,” Paulson explained.

Shelly Danielson, criminal justice degree graduate, prepares by researching before her interviews. “Research the company you are applying for so you are well prepared to ask and answer questions,” Danielson explained. If you do this, “the potential employer sees your effort in getting to know their company.”  After graduating, Shelly was hired as a Correction Officer with the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

criminal justice degree, interview tips3. Take Your Time (But Don’t Take Too Long!)

“Take a couple seconds after each question and really think of the best reply, you have one chance to leave the best impression possible!” revealed Bounds. When an interviewer asks you a question, you don’t have to be chomping at the bit to respond immediately. You’re welcome to take a moment to think about the question to decide the best way to respond. If you’ve taken the time to prepare, as Shelly suggested, you will be able to recall qualifications you want to share, or examples you want to highlight.

To make sure you understand the question, you can repeat it aloud before answering or ask the interviewer to clarify. Be sure to take your time and considering the questions but don’t pause too long! You don’t want to freeze in silence for an awkward amount of time.

4. No Regrets (But Don’t Go Wild!)

“Go into an interview and give it your all, you only have one shot to really prove to them you’re qualified and interested in this position,” Bounds explained.  “A lot of times, people walk out of interviews regretting that they held back or didn’t say something they should have.”

Prepare for an interview by reviewing the most important information about your qualifications. Remember, this information should be relevant to the position. Find ways to discuss your strongest skills and specific examples of how you’ve used these skills. If you forget to mention something, it’s OK! You can include the information in a thank you letter.

“Writing a thank you note or email after an interview is so important,” insisted Paulson. “A thank you note can also give you a second chance. If you have forgotten to tell them about a skill, experience, or certification that you feel would have an impact, you can tell them about it in the thank you note.”

Take these four interviewing secrets into consideration; they came from successful Globe University graduates who now have careers in the fields they studied. If you’re a student and would like additional interviewing and job seeking tips, Globe University-La Crosse Career Services can help. Stop by their office on campus or make an appointment at the front desk. Good luck on your future interviews!