4 Volunteering Secrets Revealed: United Way Shares All

We know that volunteering strengthens communities, but can volunteering be more powerful than that? Absolutely! Find out the secret ways volunteering can benefit the volunteer!

volunteering, Globe University

Jason Larsen from the United Way visits Globe University.

Students in June Vatland’s Business Communications class got a firsthand understanding of the power of volunteering with Jason Larsen, Community Impact Director with the Great Rivers United Way. Jason visited the Globe University-La Crosse class to share how volunteering has helped him build a career.

“I owe much of my success to volunteerism, community engagement, and service learning,” Jason shared.

Jason revealed several benefits for volunteering, including these little known secrets:

Secret 1: It’s Good For You

Can volunteering make the volunteer healthier? Yes! “I learned how giving back to your community can make you a happier person,” shared Ethan Shurson, a sales and marketing degree student attending Jason’s presentation. It’s true, “focusing on and helping others has been shown to reduce stress and interrupt tension producing patterns,” Larsen explained. If you want to help out and get healthy, volunteer!

Secret 2: Meet New Friends

Want to meet people? Try volunteering. “Authentically choosing areas of interest to volunteer is a great way to meet new friends outside of your typical social element,” Larsen said. Volunteering can connect you with new friends that may share some of your same interests. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your mate!

volunteering, Globe University

Volunteering can help get your foot in the door for a new job!

Secret 3: Get Your Foot in the Door

“Volunteering can help you make connections and builds your resume,” JenaLee Johnson, a criminal justice degree student, shared. “Volunteering can also help you find the path you want to take.”

Do you think you’ll meet your future employer while sitting in front of your TV in your pajamas? Probably not! “Whether for a specific group or for a specific skillset, volunteerism can open doors,” Larson explained. Get your feet off the couch and get them in the door!

Secret 4: Gain Professional Experience

Interested in a job in healthcare? Volunteer at a hospital! Want to work in criminal justice? Volunteer as security at an event! “Volunteering counts as experience and gives you the networking you need to get a career,” shared Carolyn Moe, Globe University director of career services. “Attempt to volunteer at organizations that you desire to work at.  Many companies allow volunteering.”

Jason and Carolyn agree, volunteering can be a powerful tool to build work experience to set yourself apart from other job seekers. Stand out with volunteering.

Volunteering is much more than just community service; it benefits the volunteer, too. Use these volunteering secrets to be healthier, meet friends, and build your career!