5 Employment Agency Myths: BUSTED

Employment agencies provide terrific opportunities for job seekers, but many people don’t understand all of the benefits they offer. To examine these organizations, Lisa Paulson, Globe University-La Crosse career services coordinator, busted the five most common employment agency myths.

employment agencies

Carolyn Moe, director of career services (left), with Kristy Bronk and Angela Hoflund of Manpower.

Myth 1: They Charge a Fee: BUSTED
A reputable staffing agency will not charge you to be placed in a position. “We are that extra resource often not thought about and…should be thought of as a free service,” Angela Hoflund, regional business development manager with Manpower, explained. “Potential employees never pay any fee for being placed on the job,” added Neil Stilwell, media/recruitment specialist with Olsten Staff Services.

Myth 2: They Only Offer Temporary Employment: BUSTED
While it is true that some positions may only be temporary, employment agencies also have positions that are for long term time periods or even permanent. “Olsten Staffing Services also places employees in a variety of working situations… something to fit almost anyone’s needs,” Stilwell explained.

Temporary positions could be for extra help during a peak time of year, maternity or vacation coverage, or employers may be trying you out. Many temporary positions can turn into a permanent one.

“We are connected with most of the area HR teams,” Hoflund explained. “A few of the benefits to job seekers/applicants are that we can…recommend you for a position to give you that extra ‘in’ allowing you to get your foot in the door.”

Angela Hoflund presenting to students at a Globe University-La Crosse Professionalism Panel with other local employers.

Myth 3: They Don’t Pay Much: BUSTED
Staffing agencies in the area offer pay scales from minimum wage to salaried executive positions. “We work for candidates to find the best position that suits their interests, needs, skills and abilities,” Hoflund said.

Stilwell added, “Olsten Staffing Services positions pay competitive wages and salaries demanded in the workforce marketplace.”

Myth 4: They Only Recruit Industrial Jobs: BUSTED
Staffing and employment agencies in the area hire for many different positions.  The do have some industrial positions, but they have so many other positions available too!  There are administrative, accounting, marketing, medical (administrative and patient care), paralegal, financial, customer service, hospitality, IT, HR, and many other industries represented through agencies.

“Through my experience working at ABR Employment Services, I can confidently say that premier employers are looking for quality employees through employment agencies,” explained Houa Vang, recruiter with ABR Employment Services. “Candidates with stable work history, strong communication skills and good computer skills are in high demand.”

Myth 5: They Don’t Offer Benefits: BUSTED
Many of them do!  Some offer insurance, retirement plans, paid holidays, and vacations as well as many other benefits to employees. “If job seekers are positive and ready to put in the preparation to find a job, recruiters will work hard for them and seek out all options that fit their qualifications,” Vang explained. “It is like having another set of eyes working with you as you seek your ideal job.”

What are some benefits of working with an employment agency?

  • You will IMPROVE your work skills.
  • You will get PAID experience in the field you developing a career in.
  • You will be NETWORKING with people and employers in your industry.
  • You will have industry related references and contacts.
  • You will increase your chances of being HIRED in your field before or shortly after graduation!

If you’re a Globe University-La Crosse student and would like to learn more about how you can be a strong job seeker and are interested in learning more about working with employment agencies, contact Lisa Paulson in the career services department today!

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This post was written by Lisa Paulson. Lisa began her journey with Globe University-La Crosse as a student earning a bachelor”s degrees in business management in both human resources and marketing. She joined the career services team at Globe University-La Crosse as a career services coordinator and adjunct instructor in July 2012. The best part of Lisa’s day is getting a phone call from a student or graduate telling her they were offered a position in their field!