5 Ways to Get the Most of Your College Experience

College students love summer break, but it’s coming to an end for Globe University-La Crosse. With students returning to college, and with new students beginning their journey, successful Globe graduates share the best ways they made the most of their college experience.

making the most of college

Alissa (far right) assisting in surgery.

Balance Fun and Work

Experiencing college to its fullest includes the right balance of fun and hard work. “My advice to incoming students would be to dig down and work hard. Working hard will pay off in the end; that’s how I got my dream job,” shared Alissa Baker, vet tech program graduate. Even before graduating from Globe, Alissa was offered a vet tech job because of her serious commitment to her education.

making the most of college

Patty volunteering and networking at the Sparta Chamber of Commerce Golf Outing.

Ask Around

“Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are so many people that are there and willing to help you,”  Baker explained. “The teachers are great and will bend over backwards to help you and be there for you.” College instructors and staff provide support to help students have the best college experience. “Never be afraid to ask for help or to ask a teacher to go over something again. They are more than happy to do whatever you need to make you succeed,” Baker said.

Wake Up!

Students don’t get much from classes if they sleep through them. “Make school your favorite job,” shared Patty Elsen, massage therapy school graduate. Elsen is a licensed massage therapist and owns her own business. “Give it your very best effort, every class, every day, because it is leading to the future of your choice!”

making the most of college

Medical assistant graduates Michelle and Paula volunteering at the Children’s Museum.

Get the Inside Scoop

“Globe instructors already have outstanding work experience in the fields… and [they] are happy to share that,” said Michelle Hanson, medical assistant graduate. “Take all of the advice about working in the field very seriously. I did and was offered the exact job I wanted two weeks before I was finished with externship.” Hanson was offered a medical assistant position before she graduated. She continued,  “No instructor will pass up the opportunity to help out with the job search!” College instructors and our career services team are great resources for job seeking and interviewing support.

making the most of college

Rebecca volunteering at a Massage-a-thon.

Give Back

“Volunteering is a great way to get involved in your community, provide a great and helpful service to others, as well as getting yourself visible and in the minds of potential clients,” shared Rebecca Felten, massage therapy school graduate. “Take time to … help plan events and participate in them! Globe provides so much opportunity to students in these areas—take advantage of it!” While in college, Rebecca was involved with several fundraisers and volunteer events that have helped her build connections for her own massage therapy business.