6 College Secrets: Globe University Instructors Spill the Beans

Globe University instructors are poised, prepared, and enthusiastic to teach their classes. But faculty members have juicy secrets. Here are six secrets that college instructors at Globe University-La Crosse discuss behind closed doors:

 1. I get embarrassed!

Alyson Haugen, health care management instructor sympathizes with students who don’t know the answers to question she asks in her class! “Not knowing the answer to a question is just as embarrassing for me as it is for you. Do you think I like “hearing crickets” in the classroom?!”

Globe University-La Crosse Registrar Katie Heron hears a secret from Instructor Ree Nae Roberge-Greene!

Globe University-La Crosse Registrar Katie Heron hears a secret from Instructor Ree Nae Roberge-Greene!

 2. I hate giving F’s!

Students don’t like to receive F’s and instructors don’t like to give them! “It hurts me to give a student an F,” says Brady Lowe, business instructor. “I’d love for all of my students to earn A’s! This doesn’t always happen. Students get the grades they earn. Not always A’s.”

 3. I don’t always get A’s!

Instructors like Ree Nae Roberge-Greene test themselves on the exams they give students! “I spend several hours on each chapter I assign to the students to be prepared for questions,” she says. “In addition, I take every test. If I can’t get an ‘A’ on it as the instructor, then I don’t give it to the students closed book.”

 4. I get excited!

“If I’m reading a student’s essay, poem or short story and I’m blown away (meaning, I say, ‘Wow!’ out loud because it was amazing),” says Jodie Liedke, general education coordinator, “I run to another colleague’s office like an obsessed teeny bopper who just saw their idol to share the great writing because I’m so proud of the student and moved by their writing.  I don’t just read like a teacher but a reader–a fan–too.”

 5. I appreciate your constructive criticism!

Instructors value honest feedback from students. “We really appreciate feedback on evaluations. It helps us learn too,” explains Carolyn Moe, director of career services. Instructors appreciate feedback to improve their classes. Don’t race through surveys! Take your time; instructors consider all of your comments.

 6. I work hard too!

Rhonda Staats, health care management program chair, reveals that faculty members don’t party all day! “It is probable that instructors do more work for a class than students,” she says. “Besides needing to do everything that students do to complete their course work, instructors spend considerable time and effort searching for additional outside material, articles or films.”