6 Leaders Reveal Childhood Secrets: Guess Who!

Match the Globe University-La Crosse Leader with their Childhood Stories

Remember that great board game, Guess Who? Yes, the one where you had to ask your opponent question after question after question like, Do you have brown hair? Are you wearing glasses? Do you have a mustache?  It was pretty easy, huh? Well, let’s see if you can “Guess Who?” by matching these childhood secrets and stories with each one of the 6 Globe University-La Crosse leaders:

Globe University La Crosse

Campus Director Stephanie Cline can’t figure out what leader matches up with what story. Can you?

  • Stephanie Cline, Campus Director
  • Carolyn Moe, Director of Career Services
  • Mike Waters, Director of Financial Aid
  • Aimee Miritello, Dean of Students
  • June Vatland, Associate Dean, Business Instructor
  • Sean Parker, Dean of Faculty, Business Instructor

Good luck!

Leader 1: As child I was extremely shy.  I loved playing outdoors; tennis was a favorite sport of mine.  I’m not sure I had a favorite toy, as most of my entertainment came from mud or snow, depending on the season.  I didn’t get into too much trouble, except for some late curfews and a toilet papering mishap.  I always wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.

Leader 2: Growing up I spent a lot of time on my father’s dairy farm helping with chores, milking and then showing animals in 4-H. I enjoyed playing Sorry!, Trouble, and Phase 10. I come from a large family that loves games, so we would spend many hours playing. My family spent a lot of time outdoors and went on many weekend camping trips. We even got flooded in our tent one weekend and had to leave in the middle of the night to be safe! Growing up I had the desire to be a babysitter and thought that was going to be my dream job. After watching way too many crazy kids in middle school and high school and dealing with many unique situations, I decided babysitting no longer was the so called “dream job” for me.

Globe University La Crosse

Carolyn Moe, Director of Career Services, is thinking really hard but still can’t figure out what story belongs with which leader!

Leader 3: As a child, I thought I would spend my life in the forest. I was crestfallen in the fourth grade, when, during national testing for skills, my report told me I was too smart to aspire to be a forest ranger.  To this day, I take great solace in my silent time, listening and enjoying the natural world.  You wouldn’t know it, meeting me, but I enjoy hours of silence.  I played Pop Warner, Pee Wee, and seventh grade football. I quit those when I discovered my love for music. According to my mother, I would pull out all of the pots and pans in the cupboard, because I wanted to hear all of the different sounds they made.

Leader 4: I always was a tall and a little goofy child.  I loved rollerblading, and it was my main form of transportation everywhere!  I would seriously blade over 5 miles a day to friends’ houses and to school.  I also have always been an animal lover.  Before I had dogs, I had a guinea pig named Izzy and a rabbit named Floppy.  I even had an anaconda chicken, and she laid green eggs.  Very strange!

Leader 5: My childhood was a wonderful time filled with learning, and those years taught me some of my most valuable lessons.  I learned that nap time can be a great time to experiment with electricity. If you can get the little plastic covers off the socket, a plastic comb won’t do anything but a bobby pin will leave a nice electrical burn on your fingers. I also learned that brothers can be a lot of fun, too, especially if you can talk him into sticking his napkin in the flame of a candle when your parents aren’t watching. The last lesson I will share is about my love of Legos and things they can teach us–like no matter how many blankets you lay on top of your Legos it will still hurt to land on them when you jump off your bunk bed. In conclusion, childhood is a time of learning and you have to wonder how we made it out alive. Then you remember the stuff you did in your teens and twenties and childhood doesn’t seem so dangerous.

Globe University La Crosse

Aimee Miritello, Dean of Students, might have the answers!

Leader 6: My favorite outing as a child was going to the movies.  My parents would treat us and take us to the latest action blockbuster in the theaters, usually just a few times a year, for example the Indiana Jones movies.  Since it was usually as a reward, we could get an extra-large popcorn, pop, and Milk Duds which we would all share.  To this day, I cannot see a movie without snacking on milk duds.  My poor teeth!

Do you know what childhood story corresponds with the Globe University-La Crosse leader? Include your guesses in the comments section and watch for a post in a few days that reveals which Globe University leader matches up with each of the fun stories!

Jodie LiedkeThis post was written by Jodie Liedke. Liedke, a true Wisconsinite, having labored four summers in a mozzarella factory, received her BA from Lakeland College and her Masters in Fine Arts from Wichita State University in Kansas.  Liedke is the General Education and Service-Learning Coordinator, a Creative Quill and Writing Across the Curriculum lead, and the advisor/instructor for GLUWW (Globe La Crosse Writers Write). When not writing creatively, Liedke enjoys watching films, exploring the outdoors, and biking.