7 Simple Tips to Improve Communication

What’s the key to a successful career? According to Caitlin Wilson, it’s strong communication skills!

Wilson, a project manager with Ingersoll Rand, visited a Business Communications class at Globe University-La Crosse to share her expertise in communication and networking.  A talented young leader, Wilson laid out her communication strategy in 7 simple tips:

business administration degree1. Make Yourself Feel Uncomfortable

Broaden your experiences by trying something new. “I never thought of that as a way to improve communication, but as [Caitlin] mentioned, it helps you to expand your comfort zone,” shared Rebecca Clements, Globe University business administration degree student. “The more audiences you are comfortable speaking in front of the better your communication abilities become.”

2. Don’t Stop Learning

Find learning opportunities through work, your community, and online. Take the initiative to develop your skills and find creative ways to learn new things.

3. Read, Read, Read

Familiarize yourself with resources to expand your knowledge and become an expert in your field. Blogs, magazines, and the library are all wonderful places to find great material.

4. Listen

We were given two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we speak.

5. Get Out There

Expand your network by participating in community groups, volunteering, and connecting with professionals. Take advantage of opportunities to develop new skills and meet new people.

6. Know Your Weakness and Strengths

Identify skills that you can improve and what strengths you can build upon.

7. Find a mentor

Connect with an industry leader to help you grow in your career and expand your network. They may be able to assist you in creating work related goals from their own professional experience.

When you combine Wilson’s 7 communication tips with a positive and enthusiastic attitude, you have the power to successfully grow your career!