‘A Day in the Life’ Photo Contest: Part II

By Dana Wallace, campus librarian, and Angie Mellor

Last week we featured six student photographers who entered our “Day in the Life” photo contest. Students were asked to take photos of their experiences and daily lives outside of the classroom. Their photos range from children, pets, nature and portraits, and we’re happy to feature some of them here. Please visit our face book page to see all the entries.

Stacy Beardmore

My View

Stacy, a student in the medical assistant (MA) program, entered her photo entitled “My View,” featuring a gorgeous sunset. “I took the picture because of the colors,” she said. “It just amazes me how Mother Nature blends her colors.”

Stacy is very active on campus and is often out in the community representing the MA program by educating the public. For example, Stacy recently visited a local UPS to help employees understand more about cholesterol and be tested. “I enjoy all the great friends that I have made over the past year,” she said.

Like many of our students, however, Stacy’s best part of the week comes when she can be near her family. “My favorite time of the weekend is spending time with my husband and children.”

Jena Johnson

A New Day

Student Jena Johnson, also studying for to become a medical assistant, submitted a photo of herself and her friend’s baby, Gracie.

“I was inspired to take this picture as I am helping my best friend raise his new bundle of joy,” she said. “Gracie is like a child of my own and has her very own spot in my heart because I’ve been in her life since day one.”

Jena credits the flexibility of her school schedule in helping her to have more time for family. “They work with my schedule and allow me the time to spend with family,” she said. “I use this time to keep my family relations strong and watch my new niece grow.”

She submitted her photo, “A New Day,” as an example of her favorite part of the weekend. “It makes my day to see her make new facial expressions and to watch her grow,” she said.

Bernadette Nagy

Bernadette’s photo, “Slip and Slide,” taken on a warm fall weekend day, portrays one of the largest slip and slides ever seen! “I was inspired to take this picture because the smiles on everyone’s face when they would come down that slip and slide were incredible,” she said. ​“Both the kids and kids at heart were having so much fun that day.”

Bernadette is studying criminal justice at Globe University and enjoys the convenience of her educational experience. “I am able to attend classes and study at times that are convenient for me, even when it’s two in the morning!”

Slip and Slide

When she’s not up late studying, Bernadette spends her weekends with her family. “Whether we enjoy the outdoors, as you see in the picture, or we play board games indoors, being together is what gets me through the week.”

Daniel Erickson

Daniel Erickson is not only a candidate for an information technology degree, he is also a talented artist whose work was featured in the library recently. His photo features himself at work in his art of wood turning.

Daniel took inspiration from the actual process of making his art and wanted to show other students what wood turning looks like. “I wanted to share my wood turning hobby in an action type shot,” he said. Daniel’s photo captures the intricate and meticulous attention to detail it takes to create such beautiful art work.

Wood Turning

When he’s not working, studying or wood turning, Daniel appreciates his down time. “My favorite part of the weekend is spending time with the family,” he said.

Photos Featured in the Library

Each student photograph featured a slice of their lives and what is important to them — an overarching theme of family and loved ones. All the beautiful photographs will be posted in the library after break week, so please stop by to see them. Thank you to all the photographers for sharing their inspiration with us.