All I Really Want for Christmas is…

Globe University-La Crosse Instructors’ Christmas Wish Lists

Everyone has had that one toy that they so desperately wished for Santa to bring them when they were a child, a toy so special that they knew the world would end if you didn’t have it. Well, all teachers were children once, too.  Check out what some members of the faculty at Globe University-La Crosse couldn’t live without:

Christmas wish list

General Education Coordinator Jodie Liedke with one of her favorite childhood Christmas presents, the Disney Cinderella movie.

“As funny as it may sound, when I was younger, I desperately wanted a Starter jacket from Santa. I was, and still am, a huge Notre Dame football fan and wished so much that come Christmas Day that I would have one sitting underneath the tree for me! I mean you weren’t ‘cool’ unless you had a Starter jacket…need I say more? Alas, Christmas Day came and not only did I get one, but my brother did too and we were in 7th Heaven! When we see that picture of the two of us in our pajamas and jackets on Christmas morning, we still get the same feeling of excitement! It was a great Christmas memory!” —Alyson Haugen, Health Care Management Instructor

“As a child I was a bit obsessed with Disney. Ok, that was a major understatement.  Every year for my birthday I received the new animated Disney film, but of course, they came out with more than one a year, so I would ask Santa for the other for Christmas. And, I had to have it!  I had Disney everything: vinyl story records, toy figures, nightgowns, etc. I could sing any song for any of the movies and still can for some of the older ones.  I seriously thought I would grow up to be Bell from Beauty and the Beast or Cinderella, but instead I grew up to be a writer and teacher.  I think Disney had a bit to do with my colorful personality.” —Jodie Liedke, General Education Coordinator

“I was 5 years old.  My best friend and I both wanted a baby-that-a-way for Christmas.  Our moms were also best friends so we each told our moms what the other wanted (the same thing of course).  Because our moms were best friends we actually celebrated Christmas together that year.  Early Christmas morning we woke up to see what Santa had brought – hoping it was a baby-that-a-way for each of us.  We woke the house up as we found a pair of the dolls under the Christmas tree. I STILL have mine!”DeAnn Prezel, Business Program Chair   

Happy Holidays from Globe University-La Crosse!

Globe Community Manager Brady Lowe as a child with his sister Ricki patiently waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve.

“As a child my sister and I wanted a tape recorder so bad!  (This is dating me of course.) We wanted to record our singing and then play it back for the rest of our family (kind of like old school karaoke).  We did actually receive this, and it was one of those old reel-to-reel recorders.  We had so much fun with this.  My adult children would laugh at this now with how technology has changed.” Shelley Shaker, Massage Instructor

“One year my sister and I received an airbrush painting kit from Santa. We thought it was incredible! You loaded special paints into an airbrush pen that was attached to a hand pump. When you pumped the machine, it blew the paint onto any surface. The kit came with a collection of stencils; the dolphin stencil was our favorite. For months after we received that gift, we airbrushed teal and pink dolphins on any flat surface we could find. Paper, bags, hats, and even t-shirts became much cooler covered in dolphins.  We thought were much cooler clad in dolphin covered apparel as well.” Brady Lowe, Business Instructor

What toy did you really want for Christmas?

This post was written by Jodie Liedke. Liedke, a true Wisconsinite, having labored four summers in a mozzarella factory, received her BA from Lakeland College and her Masters in Fine Arts from Wichita State University in Kansas.  Liedke is the General Education and Service-Learning Coordinator, a Creative Quill and Writing Across the Curriculum lead, and the advisor/instructor for GLUWW (Globe La Crosse Writers Write). When not writing creatively, Liedke enjoys watching films, exploring the outdoors, and biking.