…and on to Her Next Great Adventure

Suzanne Miller leaves Globe-La Crosse for Minnesota School of Business-Rochester

I began this day thinking I would find a beautiful poem to bid farewell to a great friend of Globe La Crosse, but in doing so I found too many great poems by numerous great poets, so I am left with my own words.


To Suzanne Miller,

Thank you from each and every student

who had ever asked you a question in the library.

You have been the difference between

a D and an F or an A and a B.

Thank you from the faculty

who at the last minute were asking your assistance

on where to find the most recent reference

to Blue Book, Grey’s Anatomy, or APA. You were the difference

between a well-prepared lecture and a haphazardly

thrown together one.

Thank you from Career Services

for having the daily paper

which may have found one or more

of our students their dream job.

Thank you from student services

for co-hosting the Valentine’s Day event. You were the difference

between punch and cookies and punch and cookies

with a literary vibe!

Thank you from us all

for all that you have done since beginning

at our campus. You will be missed, and Rochester is very lucky

to be acquiring you.


Everyone here at Globe-La Crosse

Sue Miller, Campus Librarian

Sue Miller, Campus Librarian

I guess I didn’t need to find the perfect poem. Her actions and kindness and passion for her job did it for me. Enjoy your next great adventure within Globe Education Network.