Being on Time and Doing the Work

Meet Globe-La Crosse’s new Science Instructor Paul Kosir

Paul Kosir and his children tapping a maple tree on their land.

Paul Kosir and his children tapping a maple tree on their land.

 Q. Name, Home Town, Degree Earned

Hi, my name is Paul Kosir.  I was born in Milwaukee and raised in its suburbs.

A.I have three undergraduate degrees (Math, Natural Science, and History) from UW-Madison, which I attended after high school.  Recently, I got my Master’s Degree in Natural Resources and Environmental Education from UW-Stevens Point.

Q. Who was your favorite teacher and why? Share a short memory of him/her.

My favorite teacher was the Astronomical Society advisor at my high school.  As an advisor and as a teacher, he always was very excited about what he taught and helped his students learn enough to become excited, too.  A very intelligent man, he also treated everyone with respect.  He gave me a ride home from school one time and I remember well that he talked to me as though I were another adult, not as though I were a kid.

Q. What are some of your favorite hobbies?

A.  Most of all, I enjoy hiking and kayaking and just being out in nature.  Working on our 13 acres nearHillsboro, whether it’s cutting invasive species or working on trails, is another favorite hobby of mine.  I also enjoy writing about nature.

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be, where, and why?

A.  I would really enjoy having dinner with Alan Alda, of M*A*S*H and Scientific American Frontiers fame.  I would enjoy his stories about M*A*S*H and acting in a TV series to be sure, but I think I would enjoy his enthusiasm and interest in science even more.  Where would we eat?  Maybe a picnic at one of my favorite places, Wyalusing State Park, if he had any interest in doing so, but if fine dining were more to his liking, then I’d choose The Waterfront.

Q. When students walk into your class the first day, what should they expect to see?

A.  Having already had my first day, my students should have expected to see me have technical difficulties.  Now that I am on firmer technological footing, they can expect to see demonstration and models plus animations and video clips, as well as lots of slides.  They’ll also see an instructor with genuine interest and excitement about the subject and about his students’ learning.

Q. What do you believe is the number one ingredient that an employer is looking for from an applicant seeking a position?

A.  About 10 years ago I heard from employers that two of the simplest things were two of the most important: being on time and doing the work.  Recently I’ve heard that ability to communicate is the key.  I would have to say that employers are looking for individuals who clearly communicate that they can do the job right the first time and every time.