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Heidi Blanke of Wafer with Brady Lowe of Globe University.

Heidi Blanke of Wafer with Brady Lowe of Globe University.

Heidi Blanke, Executive Director for Wafer Food Pantry, has been a partner in Globe University service learning projects and provided volunteering opportunities for staff and students. Recently, Brady volunteered at Wafer with other staff members where Heidi shared advice on volunteering.

Q: How does volunteering build work experience that students can use on resumes and in interviews?

A: Volunteering shows an employer you are motivated to go above and beyond on the job and that you will work hard towards a cause in which you believe. While the tasks you do while volunteering may not relate one-on-one to your career, they do translate as a willingness to do what it takes to better the organization. In addition, volunteering broadens your horizons, giving you topics to talk about in interviews and exposing you to a variety of situations and people. Since, in many instances, volunteering means you act in a subordinate position (someone tells you what to do), it lets a prospective employer know you are flexible in job assignments and that you understand the need for all activities necessary in order to reach organizational goals.

Thanks for the wonderful advice Heidi! Students, if you’re interested in learning more about volunteering, contact Brady Lowe for information!

If you’re a community partner that would like to share advice with Globe students, or know someone who would, please contact Brady Lowe. He’d be happy to hear from you!