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Follow Brady Lowe, Community Relations and Communications with Globe University- La Crosse, as he collects advice from Globe community partners to share with students!

Brady Lowe of Globe University with Jen Schank of Johns, Flahery, and Collins volunteering with the YWCA's Taste of the Coulee Region.

Brady Lowe of Globe University with Jen Schank of Johns, Flahery, and Collins volunteering with the YWCA’s Taste of the Coulee Region.

Jen Schank, Lawyer with Johns, Flaherty & Collins Law Firm, serves with Brady on the Board of Directors with the Rotary-After Hours group and is an active community volunteer.

Q: What steps could Globe paralegal students take to become better prepared for a career as a paralegal?

A: Be informed. It is very important to job shadow, intern, or even set up an informational interview with a paralegal or lawyer so that you can gain a realistic picture of your career as a paralegal.  The legal world can be fast paced and detail oriented.  It is important students are prepared for it.  There are many different areas of law and environments a paralegal may work in, and by gaining information a student can make an informed decision of what job will be a good fit for them.

Students should pay attention to the specific market they are job hunting in.  For example, salary in Milwaukee for a paralegal is likely much higher than in La Crosse.  It is important to research and talk to professionals so you know what to expect in a job offer.

Be motivated.  Whether it’s networking, community service, or going above and beyond at school, find an activity or two that you are genuinely interested in and get involved.  Not only will your involvement be a great resume booster, but it is important to many employers that you have interests besides work.  Plus, you can feel great that you are giving back to your community or meeting new people.  Whatever it is that you choose, do it wholeheartedly!

Thanks for the wonderful advice Jen! Students, if you want to learn more about job shadows, internships, or informational interviews, visit with Career Services! Carolyn Moe and Crystal Layland are glad to help! If you’d like to learn how to get involved in the community, connect with Brady Lowe.

If you’re a community partner that would like to share advice with Globe students,
or know someone who would, please contact Brady Lowe. He’d be happy to hear from you!