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Follow Brady Lowe, Communications and Community Relations with Globe University-La Crosse, as he collects advice from Globe’s community partners to share with students!

Brady Lowe of Globe University with Jackie Johnson of Associated Bank.

Brady Lowe of Globe University with Jackie Johnson of Associated Bank.

Jacqueline Johnson, Bank Manager with Associated Bank, is a friend of Globe University and can be seen quarterly providing information about Associated Bank to students in the commons. Recently, Jackie visited Globe and shared advice about credit and credit scores.

Q: How important is good credit for a college student?

A: Many college students think they are years away from buying a new home or car, but many do not realize that even the smaller things in life come with a credit check.  A
person’s credit score is used for many things. Employers often use a person’s credit score to determine if he or she is trustworthy for a job.  Landlords use a credit score to determine if a person is going to pay on time.  It is critical to know what you credit score is.  There are several options to obtain your credit score.  You can start at

Q: How can a student build good credit?

A: There are many options to build good credit.  If you have no credit, try establishing a student credit card with a co-signer. Consider small purchases with a secured credit card, and make payments on time.  Pay all debits you may have on time (example: cable bills, ensure they are paid on time and in full so that your credit score is not impacted).  Try to carry minimum balances on your credit card. It is always best to not spend what you cannot payoff.

Great advice Jackie! Thank you! Students, if you’re interested in learning more about how you can grow your credit score, Financial Aid is happy to provide information. Call in or stop at the front desk to setup an appointment!

If you’re a community partner that would like to share advice with Globe students, or know someone who would, please contact Brady Lowe. He’d be happy to hear from you!