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Follow Brady Lowe, Communications and Community Relations with Globe University-La Crosse, as he collects advice from Globe’s community partners to share with students!

Angela Czerwinski of Citizens State Bank and Brady Lowe of Globe University.

Angela Czerwinski of Citizens State Bank and Brady Lowe of Globe University.

Angela Czerwinski, Branch Manager of Citizens State Bank, has been a partner with Globe University as a guest in Brady’s Career Development Class.  Recently, Brady attended a Chamber of Commerce event with Angela. The following is advice Angela has for students who are looking for employment:

Q: What is one of the top skills you consider when interviewing a job applicant with your organization?

A: A very important trait in a new hire is trainability. A strong applicant should be:

  • Willing to follow directions
  • Open to doing things the way their new employer wants thing done
  • Realize they need to learn a new culture and way of doing things
  • When a person makes a mistake-take responsibility, correct the error, and learn from it
  • Ask for feedback and check to make sure they are on track with expectations

That’s great advice Angela. Thank you very much! Students, if you’re interested in learning more about being prepared for an interview, connect with Career Services!  Sarah Thompson, Carolyn Moe, and Crystal Layland are happy to provide advice about interviewing!

If you’re a community partner that would like to share advice with Globe students, or know someone who would, please contact Brady Lowe. He’d be happy to hear from you!