Celebrating Success: 45 Globe University Students Become Graduates

In the past few weeks I have been given (along with my wonderful team) the dreaded task of making sure our students’ digital files match the paper files. In the process, I have been lucky to check through and see all of the successes—the graduates.

massage school

Vet tech alumni Robyn receiving her pin from instructor Dr. Elayne Hass at graduation.

Although we have graduation four times a year (more often than other institutions due to our quarter system), I think in the daily challenge of teaching, advising, and guiding we forget to celebrate the successes on a daily basis. So here are two graduate success stories with 45 more successes to come with the Winter 2013 graduating class:

Patty S. Elsen is a graduate of Globe University’s massage school from 2012. “I loved every moment of my time at Globe University!” Patty said. “As a ‘nontraditional student’, Globe was a perfect fit for me. The small class sizes gave me the opportunity to feel really comfortable in my surroundings, and the one-to-one time with my instructors was valuable beyond measure! Every instructor had working knowledge in their field of expertise, and could answer any question that came up in class with current, accurate information. I love my life as a Licensed Massage Therapist…and I am very grateful to Globe University for helping me to achieve that goal!”

Chris Larson, a 2012 criminal justice degree graduate is another Globe University-La Crosse success. “The La Crosse campus of Globe University has some of the most friendly and helpful faculty and staff that I have had the pleasure of interacting with,” Chris said. “The instructors in the criminal justice program have decades of experience and this helps to prepare their students for what to expect in their future careers. As a veteran, I found Globe to be the best choice because of how military-friendly the university is. This helped me to graduate with my bachelor’s degree years before I would have at any other school.”

As an educator, it is these students who make each day worthwhile. At Globe-La Crosse we take great pride in seeing our students graduate, and we have an astounding number of faculty and staff attend and participate in graduation every quarter. Thank you past, current, and future students for all of the brightened days you have given me and the rest of the faculty and staff at Globe University.

Finally, congratulations Winter 2013 graduates! You are joining a group to be proud of. Go out and show us what you are made of. At the Winter 2013 graduation, the following 45 students became Globe University-La Crosse Alumni:

Cottage Grove, MN    Thomas Sharp

Globe University-La Crosse

Heidi Muller with her daughter at graduation.

Fountain City, WI       Justin Ginther*

Genoa, WI                  Jennifer Dwyer

Holmen, WI                Sean Bistodeau**, Kristi Jodarski

La Crosse, WI           Troy Arnold, Joseph Branson, Amber Breidel, John Dawidowski*, Stacy Lawrence, Heidi Muller, Leonard Pitt*, Avery Smith, Kenneth Taylor,

Lansing, IA                 Greta Adolphs,

Melrose, WI                John Kennedy*

New Albin, IA              Jill Meyer

New Lisbon, WI         Barbara Bires*

Onalaska, WI             Tracy Chmura-Gullickson, Tanya Heyroth, Heather Hinkelmann, Laurie Johnson, Robert Matthews III*, Scott McBride*, Jennifer Miller**, Kelly Mitchell, Cara Novinska, Kasie Stilwell,  Heather Weeks*

Ontario, WI                  Jenny Witt

Globe University-La Crosse

Cara Novinska with her mother and sons at graduation.

Prairie du Chien, WI   Robyn Jordie*

Rushford, MN             Kayla Bakkum, Ashley Pontillo

Sparta, WI                   Terry Arp Jr.*, Jessica Ortiz

Spring Grove, MN      Ashley Ziebell

Stoddard, WI              Austin Williams

Tomah, WI                  Michelle Sleeth*, Leah Watkins

Viroqua,WI                 Jenalee Johnson, Atisha Zentner*

Wausau, WI                PollyAnn Pasholk-Spicer-Fick

West Salem, WI         Taylor Laabs*, Kristen Schoenfeld

Winona, WI                Matthew Yeske*

* Denotes Honors (GPA of 3.50-3.99)  ** Denotes Highest Honors (GPA of 4.0)

This post was written by Ree Nae Roberge-Greene. Ree Nae is the Student Services Coordinator at Globe University-La Crosse. She has been employed in at Globe University since January 2011. She moved into the role of Student Services Coordinator in August of 2011 and loves it! Ree Nae Roberge-Greene blogs for Globe-La Crosse, and she is enjoying the challenge of finding a new and exciting topic to write about each week.