Clean Up Your Facebook Profile Already!

Did you know an employer saw your “questionable” photos on Facebook?

College graduates work hard to build a professional public appearance to showcase their qualifications. Social media is a huge part of a job seeker’s image and employers are looking at Facebook profiles—maybe even yours! New students at Globe University-La Crosse know it’s important it to have a clean profile…without beer pong photos. At new student orientation, Community Manager Brady Lowe worked with students to help make their Facebook profiles employer-ready.

Globe students realize how much information an employer can access on Facebook.

Privacy Settings Work…Think AGAIN

Facebook privacy settings don’t provide complete protection. “People should be professional on Facebook because anything they put on there…anyone has the possibility of seeing,” explained Dannie Philippi, a student in the medical assistant school at Globe University. “Basically, don’t put things on there that you don’t want people to see.”

Dannie’s right. Tight privacy settings don’t mean a stranger couldn’t find their way onto your profile. In addition, with Facebook constantly updating and adding new functions like Graph Search, privacy settings and viewable information can change. It’s best to remove all questionable content.

Employers JUDGE You

With employers on Facebook, you might lose a job opportunity. “Prospective employers may look at your Facebook page,” said Kari Kellar, another medical assistant school student. “You could be denied a job over someone else because of what they see.”

Consider everything you put on Facebook being seen by a potential employer. Would this be a good thing? “I think the most important things to consider on Facebook are your pictures and posts,” shared Carlie Berg, a Globe veterinary technician school student. “Those are the things that everyone sees the most and what employers will look at to see what your personality is like.”

Don’t Lose Yourself

You can have a clean profile and still show your personality. “You can be expressive about yourself and professional at the same time,” said Berg. Don’t post potentially offensive information or photos of questionable situations. If you’re 21 it may be legal for you to drink, but do you want an employer to see a photo of you winning beer pong? NO. Remember, “If you have inappropriate pictures, the business might think they shouldn’t hire you,” said Emily Rud, veterinary technician student.

Globe students learning how to make their Facebook profiles employer ready.

Facebook Could HELP You Get a Job

If you have a good profile, it’s possible your Facebook could be an asset in your job search. “Facebook is seen by many, many people who may be very beneficial in our futures,” said Robin McKenn, veterinary technology student. Consider uploading photos of yourself volunteering, posting positive status updates about new things you’re learning, and sharing articles relevant to your desired career. These things may create good impressions to an employer.

Globe University students receive all-around career training from qualified staff and faculty. Having a clean Facebook profile is part of a comprehensive job search preparation for any job seeker. Clean up your Facebook to win a great job.