Confessions of a News Junkie! Your Globe La Crosse librarian.

Yes, that’s right. Your librarian is a junkie — of news that is! From CNN to NPR to Time magazine to the La Crosse Tribune, your librarian is addicted to them all. AND in the last decade, included the Internet as a way to keep up with the latest breaking news details!

But even a librarian, your information expert, can’t keep up with all the news sources anymore. A recent Google search on the Kentucky Derby led to 401 million results!

Not surprisingly, many students turn to the Internet when it’s time to research that paper. It’s quick and painless! Wikipedia can provide an answer to any question. But “did you know that fewer than 10% of search-engine results offer relevant research information? And that the average life of a Web page is only 75 days” (Gale Cengage, 2011)? Have you also noticed the amount of advertisements that Google bombards their customers with?

So what’s a student to do? Use their Globe library of course! Just like Google, you can search the online library from the comfort and convenience of your own home, 24 hours each day, seven days per week.  AND it is all information you can trust. Your Globe library’s online resources contain only reliable, expert-chosen books, newspapers, magazines, videos and even interactive learning games (Gale Cengage, 2011).

So while Google, and all the other search engines, are in business to take money from you, your library is in business, to serve you – the Globe–La Crosse student!


Gale Cengage Learning (2011). Reference vs Internet search. Retrieved from