Congratulations Graduates!



For those of you are graduating this Thursday evening, and to those of you who have completed another successful quarter, cheers to a job well done! I have watched with admiration the many hours you have put in the library as you have designed a brochure, created a PowerPoint or researched your paper.

My journey as a nontraditional student ended a little over three years ago, so I can somewhat empathize with your time constraints and struggles. Unlike many of you, however, I was not juggling young children, elderly parents or a full time job. I cheated and waited until my children were grown, my parents were comfortably situated and my job was part-time. Seeing you complete this herculean task, makes me realize how very easy I had it.

So graduates I want to thank you for letting me take part in your education at Globe. I hope you will remember the Globe University-La Crosse library fondly and will continue to make libraries a part of your future world. (You will continue to have access to the online Globe library for another year to aid you in your job search.)

To those returning next quarter, I hope you enjoy a much deserved summer break and return on July 16th refreshed and ready to roll. Your Globe-La Crosse library will have the welcome mat out and the librarian will be ready to escort you towards that ever closer graduation date!