Congratulations to Early Fall Library Research Award Winner: Rebecca Felten

Rebecca Felten massaging a community member for Zcare's Massageathon in September

Rebecca Felten massaging a community member for Z-care’s Massage-athon in September 2012.

Rebecca Felten began her journey with Globe University-La Crosse in the Fall Quarter of 2011. During her four quarters, she has been immensely successful. In the winter and early fall quarters, her research papers have been selected to represent the amazing student research writing of the entire campus, which in January of 2011 implemented a Writing across the Curriculum initiative.

Rebecca is a massage therapy student whose passion in life is running. She enjoys running barefooted and does so at least once per week. Other areas to which Rebecca likes to devote energy are in the use of essential oils, which brought her to massage therapy, and researching, which she has come to enjoy through homework assignments while in school. The topic of Rebecca’s paper was Fibromyalgia and the extent to which massage can ease the pain and allow the patient to return to everyday activities. While discussing the paper with Rebecca, she admitted that she is excited to begin working so she can do continuing education and really does enjoy researching different diseases or disorders, so she will be better able to assist her future clients.

This down-to-earth student is from the Westby-Cashton area and was raised on a farm with twenty-two siblings. There she learned to embrace nature and gained a caring perspective. From this she believes in a centered existence that she gains through the practice of massage therapy, running, and continued education.

Logger's Night

La Crosse Campus Massage Therapy program chair (far left), with two other massage students and Rebecca (in yellow) relaxing after giving chair massages at a local baseball game.

Two of Rebecca’s instructors have commented that she has been a wonderful student and that her time at Globe La Crosse has been a delight. Furthermore, she has been nominated as student of the month at least half of the months during her short tenure at La Crosse; she was awarded student of the month in January of 2012, after having only completed one term! What a way to grow where one is planted!

Soon Globe-La Crosse will be bidding this great student good-bye for she will be graduating in December! During the fall quarter, Rebecca will be externing at Martin Mytas Thrive Wellness in Cashton, Wisconsin. This facility focuses on natural healing, which perfectly fits Rebecca’s massage philosophy.

Best of luck this quarter, Rebecca, at your externship site and beginning the New Year as a recent graduate in a field that you love!