Cow-a-bunga: Surfing Your Way to Success in a Brand-new Quarter at GU-La Crosse

How to Hang Loose, Jazz the Glass, and Pigdog Through Your First Quarter

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Beginning school anew is a struggle for many students. There are three surfing techniques that relate to success in school.

Hang Loose: relax. Don’t fret too much the first week. Most students feel overwhelmed before they begin to feel comfortable in their own “skin.”  Remember that there are many resources to help all students, but particularly new students. Seek out Student Services, your admissions representative, or your program ambassador.

Jazz the Glass: do what you do well. In your program related courses, use your real world experience to show why you are going to be great in your field. If you are an IT program person, share your leadership skills by tutoring a younger or less skilled classmate. If you have management experience, speak up in your marketing or business class. These are the things that make you stand out to your instructors and will make you a good candidate for a job later!

Pigdog: have fun.  Joining a campus club can help you Hang Loose and Jazz the Glass, but also it will give you downtime from your homework. It will build your resume,
and it will get you networking with others out in the field you want to be in.
Below are the program related clubs on campus:


HCPC-Medical Assisting, Medical Administrative Assistant and Health Care Management

Tonic Touch- Massage

DECA- primarily Business & Accounting, but relates to all programs offered at GU-La Crosse

CJ- Criminal Justice and Paralegal

Legal-Paralegal and Criminal Justice


During the first week of classes Globe-La Crosse will be having themed days relating to these three surfing concepts. Be sure to stop by and learn how to surf through your classes with A’s.