Creative Writers take the Stage

A Public Reading by Globe-La Crosse Students

In the book Making a Difference by Globe University graduate, Steve Gilliland, he states that passion is a choice.  Passion is something you choose to have or you choose not to have.  I agree with this idea.  It is not easy to love or lose love, but even more difficult is sharing that love with strangers.

Globe University Creative Writing Class Spring 2012

Globe University Creative Writing Class Spring 2012

Each one of my Creative Writing students chose to take Creative Writing, each chose to love, lose love, and share what they love(d) through their writing this quarter.  And, of course, I think they all would agree, they had fun doing it as did I.  The spring 2012 Creative Class was not a class, they were a family, and like all families they laughed, cried, and grew together.

They laughed. Numerous times, they laughed; whether it was because Bob, a criminal justice student, was sharing his weekend story, Cody, an information technology student, was pretending to be a taxi driver and yelling at a pedestrian to get out of his way, or I  was fighting and exchanging words with the Smartboard that didn’t talk back.

They cried.  To show emotion, to be vulnerable is a virtue in every good writer.  They shared losses this quarter.  On one occasion, I found one student comforting the other in the hallway on break. Those two students had never really known each other until this course.  I witnessed a bond first-hand created through writing.

They grew.  I’m very proud of each and every one of them. With each story and poem, their characters became more believable, their settings richer, and their tone became more
distinct.  They learned how trim the fat in their poetry, and round their protagonist. We were introduced to memorable car rides, a dying planet, a black Pegasus, upcoming video games, a crazy cat, a cold grandma, an amusing amusement park, a barn-tearing tornado, a never-forgotten solider, a first-time fisherman, and a chilled tree climber.

Just yesterday, my students shared their work, their passion with the world at a public reading held on campus.  Writing is a reflection of oneself, I told them before their reading. If it lacks passion, try again, and again, and again until you get it right, or you get it so very wrong that it is right.

Passion is what keeps us alive.  Every day I stepped into that classroom, my creative writing students reminded me of my own—teaching, writing.

Like many of my students have expressed, I too wish “I could take the class again.”

Thank you, creative writers.