Welcome Allie: It’s all in the family!

The library wishes to introduce our newest student assistant, Alexandria Miller, at the circulation desk.

Alexandria Miller
Alexandria Miller

Alexandria, better known as Allie, is a medical assisting student with strong ties to the La Crosse campus. Her mother is a Globe student pursuing her bachelor’s in paralegal studies, while her father is pursuing his degree in business.  You may also notice a family resemblance at the library desk as Allie’s mother, Jenny, has been a library staffer for several quarters. But just to set the record straight, your full time librarian, Sue Miller, is not a member of this illustrious clan!

Allie feels that her library work is similar to the medical assisting field, as both professions are dedicated to helping people. She also recognizes that working in the library will provide her with a quiet environment that allows her to focus on studying. After Allie graduates in December, she plans to work for a few years before earning her bachelor’s degree and then ultimately pursuing her dream to be a medical examiner.

For those who enjoy suspense, Allie recommends the library book, The girl with the dragon tattoo, which she read for her creative writing class. So if you stop in the library, you just might catch her reading the rest of this famous series (and now a movie) by Stieg Larsson.

But whatever your literary tastes, please stop in and welcome another “Miller” @ your library.