Faculty Spotlight: Life Changing Lesson in Teaching

Not all instructors started out their careers knowing they would one day end up teaching, but for some, that shift was a natural transition. Take Globe University-La Crosse adjunct instructor, Andy Jandt, for example. “Teaching for me is life changing,” he said. From the first day of a class until his students leave with their diplomas, Andy enjoys the teaching experience.

Andy teaches courses from programming to mobile development in the information technology program. “I started out teaching Operating Systems and Programming 2, but I have taught Mobile Software Development as well as Intro to Decision Systems,” he said.

Adjunct Instructor, Andy Jandt

Regardless of the course, Andy knows the value of first-hand experience and encourages his students to take advantage of any possible training opportunities.

“I think the best thing a student wanting to get into the IT field can do is get an internship,” Andy said. “Even if it is not a paid internship, the experience the student will gain is priceless.”

In his work as a web developer for Saint Mary’s Press, a non-profit publishing company, Andy can see the rewards of internships. “I have worked with individuals who have had internships and individuals who have not had internships, and the difference is staggering,” he said.

“There is only so much that the classroom can teach and getting as much of the real world experience is so important.”

In addition to his professional life, Andy enjoys spending time with his family. “I grew up in the West Salem area and am married with two children: a daughter who is in high school, and a son in elementary school,” Andy said.

“My son is really into comics and building robots, so I spend a lot of time at the comic book shop and researching robots online with him. My daughter is really into photography so we drive around taking pictures all over the area.”

Andy’s life is certainly full, and seeing his students complete the program adds to his sense of fulfillment. “Seeing a student I taught walk across the stage and get their IT degree, then go on to get a job in the field is my favorite part of teaching,” Andy said.