Five College Essay Blunders

No Doubt—Just Leave it Out

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5. Misspellings. For example, there are two ways to spell “every day (adjective and noun)/everyday (adjective).”  I need to drink bean juice every day to stay alive.  Drinking at least four cups of bean juice is an everyday ritual for me.

4. The word “things.”  Just tell your audience what that “thing” is.  Why does it have to be a mystery?

3. That boring title, “Essay One.”  Titles serve two purposes: They announce your subject and catch your reader’s attention. It shouldn’t make them want to throw it in the trash.

2. “In conclusion.” Give your reader some credit. They can figure out that you are concluding; it is your last paragraph after all.

1. “I believe, I think, I feel . . .” Your name is on the paper; your reader knows you believe, think, and feel this.