Folder Navigation: The Easy Way

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Folder Navigation

Folder Navigation

Using computers has gotten easier and easier over the last few years.  Finding a file or a folder is just a click away.  This can be even simpler if your folders can be personally organized for the user.  You can use the left pane to find files and folders and links to often used folders and locations.

If you don’t see the left side of an open folder window, click Organize, go to Layout,
and select Navigation pane to display it.

Want to customize the pane?  Simple! Select organize at the top left and click on the folder and search option.  It will display the window below.  From here, customize to suit user needs.  When everything is to liking, select apply and then OK.

Favorites are also able to be created to files or folders that are accessed often.  This will save time and effort searching.

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