Free Form and Creativity Rule

By Dana Wallace, Campus Librarian

When you walk into the library this quarter, the colors and forms of our art will jump out at you! This featured artwork ranges in colors from bright neon greens to vibrant reds and oranges – and in all different types of mediums, from photographs to intricate design. These pieces are all the work of Globe massage therapy student, Shauniquah Miller. 

Shauniquah tells us “I love to do art and I just do what I feel like. I guess there is no particular favorite of mine.” The love of creating certainly comes through when you see her artwork. “I like the way the words come together and form a picture but also a story,” she noted, referring to her black and white painting of a kitten. This piece is made up of tiny words that form the shape of a cat. 

Shauniquah Miller displays her art

“The kitty picture is made from using ‘soft kitty’ from the Big Bang Theory written over and over again,” she said. Another piece made up of tiny words is the Lamborghini, which “is just the Lamborghini mixed and a lot of rap songs and video games.” Her last piece in this form is “the picture with me and the hat, written in my favorite songs and some are in Spanish,” she said. “My art is as random as I am!”  

Working on her associate’s degree in the massage therapy program takes up a lot of Shauniquah’s time, so she doesn’t get to see her mother and two little brothers as much as she’d like, but she loves studying massage therapy because she gets to deal with a lot of different people. “It’s been a dream of mine since I was 3 years old to become a massage therapist,” she said.

Besides her art and family, Shauniquah enjoys pursuing her education. “I’m very intellectual. I surprise people when they actually take the time to get to know me,” she said. “I’m also very energetic.

Shauniquah is one of our unique high school advantage students who started classes at Globe while she was still in high school. She has done very well and is now full time at Globe. She started out here with us at the La Crosse campus, but moved to Madison and attending classes at both our Appleton and Madison campuses.  

She has found some differences in her move from La Crosse to Madison. “Madison is bigger, and wow is all I can say,” she said. “There are so many different people and cultures.” Shauniquah is adjusting to life in the big city, so to speak, but we hope she returns soon because we miss her and her vibrant personality and creativity!